A List of the Ball A Column Roller Pump Shaft Bearing

A List of the Ball A Column Roller Pump Shaft Bearing
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A list of the ball a column roller pump shaft bearing


Type: ball bearing/roller bearing


Model Number: WIR1938149 / WIR1938141/ WIR1938129

Vibration: Z1 Z2

Material: Chrome Steel/ Carbon steel

Because of the water pump shaft bearings work in high speed, high temperature and under the condition of lubrication conditions directly affect the axle shafts for life, usually adopt high drop point, preferable imported advanced grease thickened, sealing ring is usually USES the interference of the larger radial contact seal, to ensure the bearing with oil for years

Even when making regular shaft bearing clearance based on radial clearance: when there is no special requirements, under the condition of no load, radial clearance of 15 to 35 um, users select reasonably outer ring and the hole of the interference fit is very important, too large amount of interference will make bearing radial clearance, and destruction of bearing, make water pumps can't normal work, practical work, in addition to the above reasons, you also need to consider the caused by temperature rise of thermal reduce amount of clearance


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