91683 Series Thrust Ball Bearings for Cart

91683 Series Thrust Ball Bearings for Cart
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91683 series thrust ball bearings


Model Number: 91683 / CD70CDI

Precision Rating: P0 P6 P5

Thrust ball bearing assembly has two key points. One is the holder and the ball nip quality control, and the other is the rear bearing assembly nominal height of T control. In addition, since the shaft ring, seat ring can be isolated, to bring a management problem. It is to prevent the import of bearing parts mixed. M-type punched retainer flange assembly using a mold. After Pressed claim the ball in the hole pocket rotation flexibility, but can not be detached from the pocket, and technical procedures to check runout ball in the hole in the pocket. Solid cage too make platen presses small ball runout, and stay connected with the embossing convex portion of the frame is too small and insufficient strength, prone off the block phenomenon, resulting in the cage scrapped. Small ball thrust bearing ring and the shaft ring inner diameter difference is small, there is no significant difference between two sets of groups. In order to prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of mixed units, namely a set of bearings mounted into the circumstances of the occurrence of pottery sets are sleepy race or both axes Circle. This need to take certain measures. Usually by means of auxiliary tooling when closing sleeve will draw ring, seat group distinction, or sampling nominal inner diameter plug gauge checks the inner diameter, the inner diameter of convenience in order to check the seat before discharge height below the axis coiling above. If the inner diameter of the seat significantly oxidized color quenching or without grinding, there is no need to examine the inner diameter, can obviously see the difference between the shaft and the seat ring and difficult to mix sets. After the required thrust ball bearing assembly for T nominal height measurements to confirm eligibility. When measured by the height of the block or standard calibration, and to measure the load bearing dozens of rotation required, be sure to reach the minimum height.


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