51100 Series Thrust Ball Bearings for Jack

51100 Series Thrust Ball Bearings for Jack
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51100 series thrust ball bearings


Type: Thrust ball bearing/ thrust bearings

Brand Name: TELL /NTN / NSK

Model Number: 51101/51102/51103/51104/51105/51106/51107

Precision Rating: P0 P6 P5

Material: Chrome Steel/Carbon steel

Thrust bearings are generally made up of two or more thrust washer thrust washer and a number of rolling body composition, general thrust washer into the shaft piece and the seat sheet, generally the most common type of rolling element is made of iron or copper quality cage combined into a whole. The most common type is the ball bearing type thrust bearings.

Thrust bearings are used specifically to withstand the axial force bearing, the force is parallel to the axis direction bearings


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