UCP201 Series Insert Bearings

UCP201 Series Insert Bearings
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UCP201 series insert bearings


Model Number: UCP201/ UCP202/ UCP203/UCP205

Precision Rating: P0 P6 P5

Outer spherical bearing is a bearing unit combining rolling bearing and bearing together. Most of the outer spherical bearings are made outer diameter sphere, installation, and with the spherical bearing bore with structural forms, versatility and interchangeability.

Mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial load, generally should not alone bear the axial load, such bearings can be installed separately inner ring (with the whole group of roller and cage) and the outer ring

Meanwhile, in the design of these bearings also has a certain tone heart and mind, easy to install, the sealing device has a dual structure, can work in harsh environments. Bearing cast molding is generally used. Common seat has a vertical seat (P), square base (F), Boss Square Block (FS), Boss round seat (FC), diamond-shaped seat (FL), the annular seat (C), slide seat ( T)  etc.

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