Water Pump Bearing Resist Moisture

Water Pump Bearing Resist moisture

Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings can withstand moisture and a number of other media caused by corrosion. This type of single-row deep groove ball bearings and carbon chromium (rolling bearing) steel manufacturing standard deep groove ball bearings, with a deep bearing raceway groove, bearing raceway and the ball between the high degree of cooperation. This type of bearing does not fill the slot, in addition to the radial load, but also to withstand the two-way axial load, even at high speed is also true.

 Stainless steel deep groove ball bearing operating characteristics and conventional steel deep groove ball bearings the same, but the load carrying capacity is low. This type of stainless steel bearing is available in both open and sealed designs.

As the stainless steel deep groove ball bearings are often used in food processing machinery, so the bearings factory can use a special non-toxic grease, model suffix VT378. The grease

 Comply with the requirements of the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) Regulations, Article 21 CFR 178.3570, and approved by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) for H1 products (accidental contact with food and not contaminating food).

Dust bearing: with dust cover bearing, model suffix 2Z, the dust cover made of stainless steel. Dust cover and bearing inner shoulder to form a sealed gap, suitable for high temperature and high speed occasions. Bearings with dust cover are mainly used for applications where the inner ring rotates. Such as the outer ring rotation, the grease in the speed may be accelerated from the bearing exudation. Sealed bearings: bearing with contact seals, model suffix 2RS1, the seal using oil and wear, the metal plate reinforced nitrile rubber (NBR rubber) made. The permissible operating temperature range of the seal is -40 degrees centigrade to +100 degrees Celsius and can be operated at +120 degrees. When the contact seal is rotated, its sealing lip rests on the shoulder surface of the bearing inner ring. The outer edge of the seal is mounted on the groove in the outer ring and acts as a seal.

First, when the start of the use of bearings must remember to smear on the oil, many people may be installed directly after the use, in fact, this approach is very wrong, the product production date is sure to see , If the time is relatively long, then it is necessary to paint a few times more lubricants, do not clean, directly coated on it.

Second, if it is some special bearings, then we must first wash off the above rust, and then can be used normally. When the installation process should also be strictly in accordance with the installation process to do, do not feel with the individual, this effect may not be very good.

Thirdly, when installing the shell, there are a number of different ways to choose from, such as press presses, cooling, and cold-fit methods. These different methods have their advantages, but No matter what kind of method need to do the first anti-rust measures.

Although the bearing is only a small part, but in the equipment played a very critical role, so in the maintenance and maintenance to pay more attention to some. Above these precautions should be a good grasp, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment.