Timken Bearings Of Slab Caster Roll Bearings ADAPT Innovations

Application of slab continuous casting machine rollers with bearings are divided into fixed and floating end in two ways. Current operating environment and design requirements for slab continuous casting machine rollers component design presents many challenges, such as: high temperatures of up to 900 ° c, you need excellent cooling design: axial thermal expansion of up to 6mm: up to 100 tons of load, you need to minimize roll bending deformation; low speed, 1 per minute. 5 to 15 per cent, making it difficult for bearing rollers and raceways oil film is formed. These demanding application environments has very high demands on the bearing, therefore, the performance of bearings is essential to cost control and reliability of continuous casting machine. Floating end must meet the following requirements: compact size and high static radial load capacity Max should reach 0. 5 ° of eccentric resistance capacity with positive and negative 6mm axial floating ability, compensating rollers axial thermal expansion due to low speed, need no lubricating oil film or a small amount of lubricating oil film under the condition of normal operation ease of installation, dismantling and maintenance.

Spherical roller bearings on the fixed side performing well, is the first choice for locating bearing. But floating end are faced with great challenges. Early designs used floating within a spherical roller bearing in the housing programme, but practical results are poor – high radial loads, bearings for axial axial float required will result in uneven bearing. In response to these issues, there are three kinds of traditional solutions: one is a special roller/Raceway of cylindrical roller bearing, the other is the configuration of cylindrical roller bearings with spherical bushings (also known as self-aligning roller bearings), three are TOROIDAL bearings. These three programmes have certain advantages, but it also has its disadvantages: eccentric resistance or incompetence, or carrying capacity, or installation difficulties. Ideal bearing requires both axial float of cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, eccentric resistance performance of static and dynamic, there is enough capacity, and the advantages of convenient operation.