Thrust Ball Bearings Thrust Ball Bearing Characteristics

Thrust Ball Bearings Thrust ball bearing characteristics

Thrust ball bearing characteristics

1. There are two types of one-way, two-way

2. In order to allow the installation error, whether it is one-way or two-way, you can choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion or spherical seat type.

3. High-quality steel - the use of the bearing life can extend the maximum 80% of the ultra-clean steel

4. High Grease Technology - NSK's lubricant technology expands grease life and improves bearing performance

5. High-grade steel ball - quiet and smooth at high speed

6. Use the ring in the option to allow installation errors.

Thrust ball bearings are generally better, but the bearings are smaller than thrust roller bearings. Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads during high-speed operation, consisting of roller grooms and roller rollers. Thrust ball bearings are divided into flat base pad and thrust ball bearing hheey spherical cushion type. In addition, the bearing can withstand axial loads, but can not withstand radial loads. Thrust roller bearings can carry axial and radial joint loads with large thrust roller bearings, but the radial load does not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, the bearing has a low coefficient of friction, high speed, adjustable core performance. Thrust roller bearings and thrust roller bearings low-speed bearings, thrust bearing speed slightly higher than the thrust roller bearings. Isolated thrust cylindrical roller bearings are bearings that can only withstand axial loads in both unidirectional and slight shocks, limiting the axial (or shell) to axial displacement in one direction and thus as a one-way axial positioning. But its carrying capacity is much greater than the thrust ball bearings. Since the linear velocity is not the same at both ends of the roller, the rollers on the roller ring inevitably slip, so that the bearing speed is a low thrust ball bearing, usually only suitable for low speed applications.

Thrust ball bearings should be noted

Thrust ball bearings are precision parts and therefore require considerable caution when used as a high thrust ball bearing, if used improperly, can not achieve the desired performance results and are prone to damage the thrust ball bearings. Therefore, our professionals recommend the use of thrust ball bearings should note the following: grease lubrication does not clean when the thrust ball bearings, direct filling grease. Oil lubrication, generally do not need to clean, however, instruments or thrust roller bearings at high speed, use clean oil to clean, remove paint rust in thrust ball bearings. Thrust ball bearings rust, rust, so it can not be placed on top. One, be careful to use the installation program does not allow punch strong, do not allow direct knock hammer thrust ball bearings, through the roller pressure is not allowed. Second, appropriate and accurate installation tools special tools as much as possible to avoid the use of such as fabrics and short fibers as much as possible. Third, to prevent thrust ball bearings in thrust ball bearings with hand thrust ball bearings, fully rinse hands sweat, and coated with high quality mineral oil before the special attention in the rainy season and summer rust rust. Four, keep the thrust ball bearing and its surroundings clean dust into the disappearance of the smile thrust ball bearing thrust ball.