Spherical Roller Bearings High Strength Wear

Spherical Roller Bearings High strength wear

HPS series bearings made of high-strength NSK wear-resistant steel.

 NSK's independently developed steels have greatly improved the wear resistance of the material in heat treatment technology, combined with excellent service life characteristics and high strength core toughness and improved overall durability, making it ideal for continuous casting machine guide rollers .

For rolling bearings with wear problems such as bearings for guide rollers for continuous casting equipment, NSK has been working on the project to develop materials and heat treatment technology to prolong its service life. Thus, NSK produces Super Wear- Resistance Bearings), the use of NSK on steels developed by the addition of special alloying elements in steels, is the result of the world's first carburizing and nitriding treatment of rolling bearings. Bearing prefix TF produced with this material.

Model search results: NSK Bearings HPS spherical roller bearings 22220EAKE4C31, bearing cleaning: the most primitive way gasoline + oil. Nowadays, the society is getting louder and louder on safety, environmental protection and energy conservation. The skills of water-based cleaning are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the cost is significantly reduced. Therefore, more and more people prefer water-based cleaning and cleaning to work-room cleaning And the end of the product clean. From material to product, product to product through multiple processing steps, many workers need time to clean. Processes are not the same, the cleaning method is slightly different. Product structure, the components are not the same, the use of cleaning equipment are also different, the general use of ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning. The use of bearings often check whether the bearing grease deterioration, and now we will introduce the test


2, the use of bearings: We use the bearing in the process, the grease is very crucial. In general, if the deterioration of the use of grease, not only failed to play its due role, but also to damage the bearings.

Oil traces: Take a clean white filter paper, the number of drops of oil in the filter paper until the lubricant leaks, if the surface of a black powder, touch with a sense of obstruction, then the lubricant inside the impurities Has a lot, a good lubricant powder, hand dry and smooth, and yellow traces.

Oil flow observation: Take two measuring cups, one containing the lubricant to be checked, the other empty on the desktop, the cup full of oil lifted 30-40 cm away from the desktop and tilt, so slow lubricant Slow flow into the empty cup, observe its flow, good quality lubricating oil flow should be slender, uniform, continuous, if there suddenly sudden and sudden oil flow, sometimes a large stream, then said the oil has Degenerate.