Shanghai Eradication Of An Online Sale Of Fake Brand-name Bearing Dens

From the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision official was informed that on August 12, changning, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision of law enforcement general team, in conjunction with the Public Security Bureau of Jing ' an district, a suspected sale of fake products bearing company to carry out spot checks.

After the row of touch survey found that tout the company primarily through the Internet, selling fake "NSK", "SKF" and other well-known brands of bearings and have a close business relationship with Kunshan, a trading company. Law enforcement personnel by means of a series of investigations, initial judgment that the company fraudulently sold bearings factory products.

During the inspection on that day, police personnel about the company and South Korea to exercise control, municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision Corps of law enforcement officers to check their premises, 1 boxes of unsold inventory seized bearings. Bearing on the product packaging is marked with "NSK Ltd.MADE IN JAPAN". Brand rights one preliminary identification of such inventory products suspected of illegally using another name issue.

Law enforcement officials photographed places of such examination and evidence, access to materials related to replication companies, suspected of selling illegally using another name to the Korean law for further investigation of violations committed, focused on ascertaining the facts of the case and illegal income, and according to the actual situation and timely transferred to judicial organs for handling.