Several Methods Of Bearing Rust Prevention

1) surface cleaning: cleaning must be rust-proof nature and prevailing conditions of the surface, select the appropriate method. Common solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning methods.

2) surface drying of drying available clean filtered compressed air dryer, or 120~170℃ dryer for drying, you can also use clean, dry gauze.

Method of coating antirust oil

1) soaking method: soak small items used in antirust oil, so its surface with a layer of antirust oil. Thickness of oil film antirust oil can be controlled by temperature or viscosity to achieve.

2) brush coating method used for soaking or spraying an outdoor construction equipment or special shape products, brush should not only pay attention when not accumulating, to guard against missing coating.

3) spray large rust are not using immersion oil, generally with around 0.7Mpa pressure filtration of compressed air in air cleaning spray. Spray application of solvent-diluting oil or a thin layer of oil, but comprehensive fire prevention and protection measures must be used.

What are the main factors influencing the corrosion of metals?

Metal corrosion is caused by a variety of internal and external factors, summed up in the main are:

① metal chemical composition and structure;

② metals surface finish (oxygen concentration cell corrosion);

③ the contact with the metal surface composition and pH value of the solution;

④ environment temperature and humidity;

⑤ environmental media contact with metal surfaces.