Roller Bearings The Cause Of The Bearing Is Different

Roller Bearings The cause of the bearing is different

When we use the bearing, if the temperature is found in the case of high, then quickly stop the operation of equipment, and then find out the reasons, and in accordance with the solution provided above to deal with, but may be due to bearing heat for different reasons, so The solution is also different, so still specific to the specific treatment, with the help of technical staff to complete.

1, to check the roller bearing rotation temperature If the use of oil hole can directly measure the bearing outer ring temperature, the more appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature, generally based on the bearing chamber outside the temperature can be speculated. If the lubrication, the installation of appropriate, then the bearing temperature will rise abruptly, there will be abnormal high temperature, then must stop running, take the necessary precautions.

2, check the bearing when the sound of the rolling situation because the bearing even if the slight divestiture and other damage, will be issued an abnormal sound and irregular sound, so you can use the sounder can be resolved, the use of sound, the running of the bearing rolling Sound size and sound quality to check, play the role of early prevention.

3, check the roller bearings in the work of the vibration from the peeling, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear, etc. will be reflected in the vibration measurement of the bearing, bearing vibration on the bearing damage is very sensitive, therefore, through the use of special Bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, through the frequency can not be inferred from the specific circumstances of the exception. Since the measured values are different depending on the conditions of use of the bearings or the position of the sensor installation, it is necessary to determine the judgment criteria for the analysis of each machine in advance.

In general, the bearing temperature along with the operation began to slowly rise bearing plating process and the introduction of the process should be 1-2 hours after the steady state. The normal temperature of the bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine.

Whether in the shaft or bearing seat, the roller bearings are required in the radial, axial and tangential direction of three directions to fix its position. Radial and tangential positioning is achieved by tight fitting of the bearing ferrule, but axial positioning is only tightly used in a few cases; generally, axial limit parts, such as end caps and retainers, The position is limited to the clearance range.