Roller Bearings In The Rotation

Roller Bearings In the rotation

Tapered roller bearing appeared burns for tapered roller bearing raceway wheel, roller and cage in the rotation agglomeration fever or discoloration, softening and melting and breakage, tapered roller bearing caused by burns can be caused by poor lubrication of bearing, may also use the informal lubricant, too little or too much lubricant, is not correct. The second possibility is that there is too much load, too much speed, too little clearance, and there is water or other foreign intrusions. If neither of the above is true, then it is the shaft, the bearing box has poor accuracy, and the axial deflection is large.

So what's the solution?

The first step is to study lubricants and lubrication. Select the bearing lubricant, and its dosage, and correct the cone roller bearing selection. The research needs to match, bearing clearance and prepressure, and improve the sealing device and check the accuracy of shaft and bearing box. It is recommended to pay attention to the installation, lubrication and clearance of taper roller bearings.

As long as you follow the correct steps to install, use, and clean up, you will greatly reduce the chance of the taper roller bearing burn

Rolling sound and larger ball bearings or tapered roller bearing in lower speed pure radial load under the action of the control method, due to the small rolling element load free area in the centrifugal force will impact roller roller cage or making noises. But as the speed increases, the sound disappears. The rolling control method of impact sound: reduce the flexibility of radial clearance, reasonable structure and bearing maintenance.

Make the taper roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing rolling control method is in the harsh metal sound of all time, mainly in the larger bearing grease, possibility and are more likely to occur in base oil grease, oil lubrication is rare.

First of all, there are advanced and reasonable structure design to have a longer conical roller bearing life. The bearings are usually forged, heat treated, turning, grinding and assembling multiple machining operations. The processing technology, advanced nature, rationality stability can also affect the service life of the bearing. The bearing heat treatment and grinding operation of the finished product which affect the quality of the finished products often have more direct relation and bearing failure. The study of bearing surface metamorphism shows that the surface quality of bearing grinding is closely related in recent years.

The metallurgical quality of the bearing materials is the main factor affecting the early failure of the taper roller bearings. With the progress of metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing steel bearing), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The proportion of bearing failure analysis of raw material quality is decreased obviously, but it is still one of the main factors for bearing failure. The relevant materials still must be considered for bearing failure analysis. Internal support is the key of the main shaft bearing spindle bed, under the larger radial and axial load, need to have a high rotation accuracy and low temperature rise, as high as possible in the radial and axial stiffness, the longer, the service life of keep the accuracy. Therefore, the performance of spindle bearing is extremely heavy on the use of the main shaft Want to.