Roller Bearings Common Bearing Failure

Roller Bearings Common bearing failure

The use of self-aligning roller bearings during the use of equipment machinery is very common, usually in the bearing failure phase will be accompanied by power work, starting from the low load, slowly progress to the rated conditions of the rated work. Try to check the work is, is not abnormal sound, bearing temperature changes, lubricant leakage or discoloration and so on. If you find abnormal, should immediately intermittent work, view the machine, if necessary, to remove the bearing view.

So in the application of spherical roller bearings more common bearing failure what?

The rotation of the bearing with a stethoscope and other viewing, there is a strong metal noise, abnormal sound, irregular sound and other abnormal. The reason is smooth and bad, shaft or bearing seat accuracy, bearing damage, foreign body intrusion and so on.

Bearing common faults are as follows:

1. tile surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that non-ferrous metal element concentration anomalies; iron spectrum showed a lot of non-ferrous metal composition of sub-micron wear particles; lubricating oil overcrowding, acid value overrun.

2. journal surface strain: iron spectrum in the iron cutting abrasive particles or black oxide particles, metal appearance of the presence of tempering color.

3. Corner surface corrosion: spectral analysis found that iron concentration anomalies, iron spectrum has a lot of iron components of submicron particles, lubricating oil water overrun or acid value overrun.

In the liquid lubrication conditions, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct touch, but also can greatly reduce the conflict loss and appearance wear, oil film also has a certain vibration-absorbing ability.

Daily lubrication maintenance of the rolling bearing fatigue and friction loss, temperature rise vibration, the length of life and other aspects are affected by the important impact; no daily lubrication spherical roller bearings can not work; normal use of a large bearing The proportion of damage is due to improper lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of the bearing is an effective measure to reduce bearing friction and wear.

Lubrication common heat, rust, seal and ease the impact of several roles; and the actual operation of the grease to use the situation according to the machine and production to determine the situation is high or low, if the torque is low, may only need very little Of the grease can be done on the lubrication of the spherical roller bearings. Different machinery and equipment with the bearings are different, to polished grinding wheel, it will use sliding bearings and rolling bearings, we need to know is the two bearings were used in what type of product? Below the spherical bearing manufacturers to introduce it.

 Here, will be used as a sliding bearing shaft is divided into two kinds, one for the cylindrical shaft, bearing tin bronze material, for the open up and down two. When installed, the need to carry out scraping research, and the use of different thickness of the different gasket to adjust the bearing clearance to meet the required standards. The other is a conical shaft, the bearing outside the cast iron cylindrical bore set a conical copper sleeve; installation also need to be ground, and to ensure that the shaft and the sleeve of the contact surface should be more than 70%.

 The use of rolling bearings, the bearings are usually single row of tapered roller bearings, the axial clearance adjustable, can be measured with a dial gauge. If the measured gap is less than the specified range, then in high-speed operation will destroy the oil film, the bearing will heat damage affect the normal operation.