Needle Bearings Premature Aging

Needle Bearings Premature aging

Needle roller bearings premature aging reasons are: with too tight, poor lubrication, strong vibration, material fatigue, pollution, corrosion and so on.

1. With too tight because the gap between the ball and the slide is too small, the torque becomes larger, the friction increases, resulting in the bearing's operating temperature is too high. So in the installation to try to adjust the correct bearing radial clearance.

2. Poor lubrication is due to a serious lack of grease caused by dry aging. So according to the motor running time, the state of the load, the ambient temperature and grease the four factors to determine the bearing filling time

3. Strong vibration is because the motor core failure caused by strong bearing vibration. This is the case we have to replace the same type of new bearings.

4. Material fatigue is due to metal material fatigue, bearing raceway and ball surface off the debris fell on the grease, resulting in increased work noise. So we should consider the normal fatigue of the bearing material, replace the same type of new bearings

5. Contaminant corrosion, check whether the red and brown spots are corroded on the surface of the raceway and ball. China is currently in terms of the number of cars or production, are other countries look beyond. So what do you know? A car is a lot of internal parts of the precision components, and needle roller bearings which are among the top priority of the parts, then a car in the end what kind of needle roller bearings do? Because the structure and performance of each car are not the same, so the use of the bearings will be different, we have to pick some of the car must use the bearings. First talk about the operation of the car! Before and after the four-wheel bearings essential, rear axle input bearings, gearbox input and output bearings, a shaft, two-axis bearings, of course, with the most bearing or gearbox, there are several bearings, different gearbox different models The The front axle has a bearing, Santana gearbox axle on the use of the ball cage, the role of the principle is similar to the bearing, this would not have to say! There is the engine above, and some engine operation is also the use of bearings, conventional oil lubrication. Needle roller bearings can be said that the damage is basically due to the use of time is too long, too little lubricant and pollutants into.

First, we can not see the dust of the naked eye, do not underestimate it, in the needle roller bearings around if there is a lot of dust, then will increase the wear between the bearing parts, this will make the needle bearing life reduced. So it is important to keep the cleaning of the needle roller bearings around.

Second, the lubricant is too little, the same lack of lubricating oil will lead to increased friction, increasing the frequency of the machine failure.

Third, the installation time is not a professional installation tool, with a professional tool can reduce the needle contact with the fiber and cloth, making the bearing longer life.