Needle Bearings Daily Maintenance

Needle Bearings Daily maintenance

Bearing classification and routine maintenance

It carries the broken from the limestone until the cement is shipped from the factory. Bearings in the "low-speed heavy-duty" operation process, by the motor rotation into mechanical power and change the direction of movement, its long service life to improve equipment operation rate, productivity plays a key component of the role, so in production, usually strengthen Regular inspection of equipment bearings, refueling, oil change, conservation work is extremely important.

Second, the classification of bearings

 Bearings can be divided into two categories, namely, sliding bearings and rolling bearings. There are two types of sliding bearings: the first, fixed, bearing and bearing bearing into one, the second split, bearing and bearing seat split. This form is easy to repair. Rolling bearings are divided into four forms:

①, radial bearing, bearing radial load; ②, thrust bearings, bearing axial load; ③, to push the heart

Force bearing, while carrying radial axial load; ④, the general bearing. Bearing the use of a wide range of different equipment performance, load, technical requirements and other characteristics, the use of different types of bearing configuration. According to the relevant provisions of the national bearing specifications, sliding bearings in the operation of the maximum temperature of not more than 60 ℃, rolling bearings in the operation of the maximum temperature of not more than 70 ℃ principle. The maximum oil temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, or likely to cause bearing damage and damage.

Third, the bearing inspection method to prevent damage

  We in the daily inspection work, the use of listening, touch, look at the inspection method, understand the bearing in the production and operation of the principle of operation and maintenance of common sense. Sliding bearings are mainly used in high-speed operation, low-speed heavy load equipment, such as: turbo-generator, rotary kiln of the wheel group, coal mill, cement mill, large motor, its nature is sliding friction, so the lubrication of these devices Way the use of thin oil station water cooling way, the oil cycle between the shaft and the bearing pad to produce a layer of oil film, which play a role in lubrication, while the friction generated by the bearing pad to reduce the heat. Rolling bearings are mainly used in small motors, reducer, drive shaft, roller and other equipment, it is the nature of rolling friction, rolling bearing lubrication can be grease, lubricants or solid lubricants. The role of the gap in the rolling bearing (ie, the oil gap) is to ensure the normal operation of the rolling element, lubrication and compensation as the amount of thermal expansion. The purpose of the bearing seal is to prevent dust. Water, etc. into the bearing, and to prevent the loss of lubricating oil. Bearing and shaft assembly before the measurement of the shaft diameter and diameter of the bearing diameter to avoid the phenomenon of too tight too loose, too tight assembly easy to make the gap is too small, bearing temperature rise; too loose assembly, Or jacket, resulting in shaft and bearing damage. Assembly of the bearing is strictly prohibited with a hand hammer directly hit, can be used copper rod or sleeve transition method.