Needle Bearings Basic Pieces Of Products

Needle Bearings Basic pieces of products

Needle roller bearings is a precision of the basic pieces of products, proper custody and reasonable installation will give you the use of satisfactory results. The bearing due to pollution, corrosion, deformation and other factors, will affect and destroy the original bearing quality, can not achieve your desired effect.

1, save: the bearing can not be exposed to the air, storage warehouse storage should be kept clean, dry, inventory air relative humidity of not more than 55%, the temperature should be appropriate, after the closure of the bearings should not be oil. But also to avoid with the acid, alkali and chemicals and other corrosive substances together.

Second, the transport: Needle roller bearings in the handling to avoid the bump, drop deformation, damage.

Third, the cleaning: In addition to double-sided seal with a sealed bearing, the rest of the bearings are added in the factory anti-rust oil, before use to clean, usually immersed in mixed with 8-10% mineral oil gasoline, One hand to hold the inner ring and the other hand to rotate the outer ring to wash off the surface of the bearing rust, clean the bearings can not be rotated, so that after the volatile gasoline, into the oil or grease. Do not stick the dust, moisture, hand sweat, so as not to affect the rotation accuracy and rust.

Fourth, the loading and unloading: the installation of the shaft or hole should be smooth, no burr, carefully measure the diameter of the shaft or hole is in line with the standard, recognize the bearing datum, bearing on the shaft only force on the inner ring, In the hole in the bearing, the force in the outer ring, the force should be evenly distributed in the ring on the circumference of the circumference, avoid single-sided force hit, to avoid skew bite the phenomenon, loading and unloading larger bearing, Hot method, the heating temperature between 90-100 ℃, for double row spherical roller bearings and single row of cone bearings pay more attention, because the inner wall is very thin, accidentally broken holes to be broken.

5, check: After the installation of the bearing, it should be flexible rotation, no stop the phenomenon. In addition the bearing factory has been checked before the size of precision and rotation accuracy, to ensure quality, bearing inner and outer ring traces and bearing rings chamfer on the black, are to ensure the quality of the process and inspection methods. Purely normal, does not affect product quality.

    First, lubrication is the key. Choose the right lubrication system and high quality lubricant. The lubricating oil film will be separated from each other by the oil film surface in contact with each other and provide the necessary protection for corrosion and abrasion. Therefore, for all rotating or reciprocating parts, especially bearings and gears, for normal operation, Or missing For splash lubrication or circulation lubrication system, oil film can also transfer heat. Factories are often due to improper lubrication and unnecessary downtime and deterioration of equipment status. Insufficient oil supply can lead to increased wear and temperature rise, resulting in excessive wear and / or early failure and damage to the bearing. Excessive lubrication, especially high-speed operation of the equipment, acupuncture non-woven fabrics will be due to agitation and excessive heat, so that chemical deterioration of lubricating oil, will lead to bearing damage.