Needle Bearings According To The Final Processing Sequence

Needle Bearings According to the final processing sequence

Of the needle roller bearings in the production site in accordance with the final processing sequence will be tapered roller in a certain number into a group, and each group of rollers into a special packaging, or directly with the plastic cage to form components; When assembling, install each set of rollers in a set of bearings.

The traditional assembly method of tapered roller bearings is to finish the finished product rollers together, sorted by sorting machine or manually, and then assembled into the cage. In contrast, the random assembly of the effective reduction of the process, do not have to finish after the roller sorting, thus saving manpower and material resources, with better economic benefits.

Tapered roller bearing assembly calculation, through theoretical analysis and examples have proved that the general bearing parts of the size of the deviation can meet the requirements of the finished bearing width deviation. Therefore, the assembly of single row tapered roller bearings can be interchangeable. Now there are a lot of people are concerned about the difference between these two aspects, in different places which need to use different bearings, especially in some industrial industries, the need for such bearings, tend to become more, everyone for Such a bearing can play what role has become more understanding and more attention, and bearing manufacturers in the past few years did become more and more, a good bearing manufacturers produced by the product, quality Will be better, so that the product can ensure more durable. The first is the main wheel. The main roller is the most important bearing in the roller bearing, it can withstand the vertical impact load and load, has a strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. Because the main roller is full of roller bearings, it can also be used as a one-way bearing alone. Followed by side rollers. Side roller is the second bearing in the roller bearing, it can withstand the horizontal load, and the main roller, side roller also has a strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. It uses the design is no inner ring full needle, the use of a mandrel instead of the shaft and the inner ring to connect the load. Next is the shaft head, which is part of the roller bearing and machine equipment. Under normal circumstances, the head of the head design for the chamfer shape, easy to install. Finally, the cover plate, which is the side of the wheel, the main roller fixed together.

There are two aspects, one is to make the needle roller bearings in the ideal operating state, to extend its service life; the other is to give full play to the performance of needle roller bearings, machinery and equipment to normal operation.

2, needle roller bearing cleaning method of rough washing

Directly with a brush and other tools to remove the needle bearing surface grease or adhesive, but be careful not to damage the needle bearing surface.