Flange Bearing Suitable For High-speed Rotation

Flange Bearing Suitable for high-speed rotation

The biggest feature of flange bearings is the flange and the bearings into one. When the end of the shaft is not connected, need to be fixed in the plane such as the board, the wall, the flange bearing to show its advantages.

       In the ultra-small diameter micro-bearings, can be divided into ZZ steel bearing dust cover series, RS rubber bearing ring series, Teflon bearing ring series, flange series, stainless steel series, ceramic ball series. Miniature ball bearings have a wide range of uses. Suitable for high-speed rotation, low friction torque, low vibration, low noise requirements of the product. Flange bearings for all types of industrial equipment, small rotary motor, office equipment, micro-motor soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, hard drive motor, stepper motor, video drum, toy model, fan, pulley, Transmission equipment, entertainment equipment, robots, medical equipment, office equipment, testing equipment, deceleration, transmission, motor optics, imaging equipment, card readers, electromechanical, precision machinery, power tools and toys.

  Stainless steel bearing fracture failure is mainly due to defects and overload two factors. When the external load exceeds the material strength limit caused by part fracture known as overload fracture. The cause of the overload is that the host is faulty or improperly installed. Bearing parts of the micro-cracks, shrinkage, bubbles, large foreign debris, overheating tissue and local burns and other defects in the impact of overload or severe vibration will also cause damage in the defect, known as defective fracture. It should be noted that the bearing in the manufacturing process, the raw materials into the factory re-inspection, forging and heat treatment quality control, processing process control can be correctly analyzed by the instrument whether the existence of defects in the future must still strengthen control. But in general, the failure of the stainless steel bearings usually occurs mostly for overload failure.

    Bearing rings and rolling materials used AISI SUS440C stainless steel (domestic grade: 9Cr18Mo, 9Cr18) by vacuum quenching and tempering treatment, cage and sealing frame material using AISI304 stainless steel (domestic grade: 0Cr18Ni9). Stainless steel bearings compared with ordinary bearing steel, there is a stronger anti-rust, anti-corrosion, select the appropriate lubricant, dust cover, etc., can be -60 ℃ ~ +300 ℃ environment. Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings can withstand moisture and a number of other media caused by corrosion. This type of single-row deep groove ball bearings and carbon chromium (rolling bearing) steel manufacturing standard deep groove ball bearings, with a deep bearing raceway groove, bearing raceway and the ball between the high degree of cooperation. Stainless steel bearings because of high mechanical strength, load capacity, widely used in food processing, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery.