Deep Groove Ball Bearings The Main Method Of Detection

Deep Groove Ball Bearings The main method of detection

Deep groove ball bearings will be tested after the assembly, the detection includes a lot of content, steel and rivet missing detection is one of them. There are two main ways to implement this test, one is artificial visual method, one is weighing method, two methods are not comprehensive, have some shortcomings exist.

To the manual visual method, because the bearing is a smaller parts, especially micro, small, small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings, and its cage and the outer ring gap is small, and the production of large quantities are large , So after the assembly of the inspection process, often because of the visual fatigue of the inspectors, labor inertia lead to missed.

And the weighing method to avoid the human error, but the composition of the deep groove ball bearings inner ring, outer ring and other dimensions in the presence of processing, when the size of the ring size limit, the bearing weight deviation has more than one rivets Weight or even a ball of the weight, plus the weight of the instrument itself, or there will be missed, the wrong situation exists.

 All types of bearings used on the machine may be different, but their importance is the same, and in order to avoid premature failure of all types of bearings, there are the same maintenance and maintenance rules need to comply. Below the deep groove ball bearing manufacturers to introduce it.

 First of all, it is necessary to emphasize the cleanliness of the bearing, so check the machine bearings, should first clean the bearing surface, and then remove the bearing around the parts. At this time to pay attention, the oil seal is a very fragile parts, inspection and disassembly to be extra careful, not excessive force, so as to avoid damage to parts.

 Followed by the bearing lubrication, one thing to remember, if it is imported bearings do not need to add too much grease. Finally, the need to pay attention to is to cover the exposed bearings, do not let the bearings directly exposed to contaminants or moisture environment, the bearing may be damaged. For bearings, the bearing ring is very important, it will directly affect the bearing performance. In order to avoid the bearing and therefore have some adverse effects, the need for careful inspection of the bearing rings to ensure product qualification. Bearing ring detection needs to be carried out gradually, the following deep groove ball bearing manufacturers to introduce.

 1, the detection of bearing rings need to be carried out under the light, then the bearing rings and the location of the location of the careful inspection. Such as the discovery of scratches and crush, scratches the phenomenon, will cause the bearing ring installation is poor, affecting the rotation of the bearing ring accuracy and the use of life.