Deep Groove Ball Bearings Load Effect

Deep Groove Ball Bearings Load effect

Due to the existence of clearance deep groove ball bearings under load, the inner and outer rings will have to produce relative movement, which will reduce the bearing stiffness, causing the shaft radial and axial vibration, the machine's accuracy and life are affected. In order to reduce this vibration, for high precision and high speed mechanical equipment, Yiyang Ryoma bearing technicians in the installation of deep groove ball bearings tend to use the preload method that is pre-installed in the bearing a certain load (radial Or axial), eliminating the original clearance, but also the bearing body

First, the purpose of preloading

Preload the spindle bearings, the ball and the raceway to eliminate the original clearance and the formation of a certain degree of elastic deformation, when subjected to external load, the bearing has a certain rigidity, with the external load direction of the opposite direction of installation of bearings, Not because of external load and the ball and the raceway to produce clearance, thus improving the spindle rotation accuracy, to enhance the rigidity of the spindle and improve the service life, while reducing noise.

Second, the principle of preloading

The size of the pre-load, is generally based on the size of the work load, spindle rotation accuracy and speed to determine the level.

1, the spindle load is small, high precision and low speed rotation, desirable preload larger.

2, working load, high speed, due to easy to heat expansion, should take a smaller pre-load.

Heat lamps or other heating facilities can be used. Even wet or unprotected contact with a large amount of chemical gloved hands or lots of stamps can lead to seals being once small, which can cause bearing fatigue. With regard to rigorous cooperation, or press, or has been locked in the center of the shaft once, there is no machine can remove the bearing puller, the bearing inner ring can be heated to aggravate the relocation. If once the torch, it will change the function of bearing steel and bearings must be discarded.

The service life of any deep groove ball bearing is largely attributed to its absorption for protection and upkeep. Deep groove ball bearings bearing a special anti-erosion coating bearings available for selection, but most of the bearings do not have anti-erosion information to build. Bearing performance can lead to noble downtime, facility protection and problems. This includes bearing storage, cleaning, cleaning, testing and installation. Practical design for all anti-collision bearings.

Here the bearings are not subject to high humidity or sudden and violent measurements that can cause condensation to form in the sea. Without tube bearing type, the bearing must be carefully removed, especially inadvertently. There is no need for indirect storage in the limestone ground, where water gathering and bearings can be gathered.

In order to reach the function of high facilities and the lowest protection profit, it is necessary to follow an accurate solution. Bearings that are being solved and stored must be carelessly made to ensure that they do not rust or corrode.

The formation and reform of deep groove ball bearings are covered with insulation delivery, the general is covered once cover paper or other packaging, and was once a suitcase or wooden box. Always put the bamboo paper or maybe, if not, the plastic roller and the tapered roller bearing cup race plastic. Tea trays or bearings on store shelves are a major component of a once-only light industrial facility.