Deep Groove Ball Bearings Causes Of Rust Corrosion Of Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings Causes of Rust Corrosion of Bearings

Cause bearing rust corrosion for many reasons, the main reason for the following six points:

1, some enterprises in the production of the bearing process is not strictly in accordance with the rules of cleaning and anti-rust coating oil seal requirements of the processing of the bearing parts and after assembly of the finished bearing anti-rust treatment. Such as the ring in the process of turning around the turnaround time is too long, outer ring outer ring contact with corrosive liquid or gas.

2, some enterprises in the production of anti-rust lubricants, cleaning kerosene and other products can not meet the quality requirements of the technical requirements.

3, due to a drop in bearing steel prices drop, resulting in bearing steel material gradually decline. Such as steel in the high content of non-metallic impurities (steel in the sulfur content of the material itself to reduce the corrosion resistance), microstructure deviation. Production enterprises are used in the bearing steel source is more hybrid, steel quality is fish and dragon mixed beads.

4, some enterprises around the deep ditch bearing rust corrosion of the six reasons for poor conditions, high concentrations of harmful substances in the air, the working area is too small, difficult to carry out effective anti-rust treatment. Coupled with the hot weather, the production workers in violation of anti-rust procedures and other phenomena are also there.

5, some enterprises of rust-proof paper, nylon paper (bags) and plastic tube and other bearing packaging materials do not meet the requirements of rolling bearing oil seal rust packaging is also one of the factors causing corrosion.

6, part of the enterprise bearing ring turning allowance and grinding margin is too small, the outer circle of the scale, decarburization layer is not completely removed is one of the reasons. Deep groove ball bearing manufacturers for you to analyze the bearing assembly process in the inner wall of the reasons for the crack

      One reason, if installed under the premise of the correct situation, there are two reasons: First, the bearing inner ring edge hardness is not enough, the second is the bearing inner ring edge hardness is too high has been brittle. Bearing in the dipped in the hardness of the level of the bearing will affect the use and life.

      Second, the roller bearing bearing edge grinding is a very critical process, if the abrasive selection is not good, the machine manufacturing precision is poor, will cause the edge of grinding burns, the edge of the burn, accompanied by the cooling liquid spray, Equal to quench once again.

      Reason three, if the other parameters to meet the requirements of the drawings, the possibility of grinding burns the most.

      Cause of four, this phenomenon I have seen, a large maintenance bearing with a sledgehammer hit, smashed hard to say that the bearings are not as good as before, said before the imported bearings casually smashed no problem, the sales unit to bring heating Tools, five minutes all installed. Bearings are generally required to do the inspection, will not be such a piece down down, the other bearing is not carbon steel bearings? Steel can not, that bearing can not meet the installation conditions, which is also normal.