Chain Only Way Bearing Industry Development

The moment, overcapacity in industries include iron and steel, nonferrous metals, coal, cement and so on, in fact, no excess a few industrial products industry in China bearing industry was no exception. Now, on the supply side reforms, the chain become the only way of bearing industry.

At present, about 10,000 more than the bearing manufacturer, 100,000 bearing distribution business. However most bearings distributor was not out of layers of the agency business model, is still the traditional husband-and stores and warehouses, and kitchen and living the way people grocery, no system, no specification, extensive. This mode of operation, the supply side reforms will be phased in, will be replaced by a standard, low-cost, efficient and advanced business models.

Chain operation is by far the most mature, the most successful business models. Chain of business has scale benefits, can reduced enterprise of procurement cost; second, products business diversified, can to consumers provides more solution programme; third, chain business has capacity equipped with service team, and experts team to for enterprise full service; IV, through data of mining decision market of production, makes resources get most optimization configuration; v, chain are has powerful of Headquarters, guarantees products of while more can guarantees consumers of interests.

On the supply side reforms against the backdrop, the chain is in line with the market development, in line with the national development plan, it will become the only way of bearing industry development. It can provide consumers with multiple, guaranteed product, perfect service, and gradual elimination of decentralized management, does not have the scale of individual stores, rebuilding industry rules, for the manufacturer to provide a secure room for innovation and research, for marketing firms to create a green environment for development.