BSPECT Officially Launched The Coupling Bearing Industry And The Internet

When it comes to bearing, no stranger to most people, these seemingly small parts but in fact is one of the important elements of machinery and equipment. In recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, increasing demand of automobile manufacturing and energy equipment, sales of bearings is also breaking new highs year after year, growing at an annual rate of 7.7%. Meanwhile, the globalization process is speeding up, considerable importance to Governments on energy resources, environmental protection machinery and equipment after another, bearing production in China as the world's third largest country, natural face many opportunities and challenges. How to let the bearing export volume and sales have doubled every business event.

At this point, the advent of the Internet has undoubtedly accelerated the smooth holding of the globalization of trade. In this time of change of information technology, the advent of the Internet for the majority of entities bring transformation opportunities, in many industries, to break the traditional pattern, the perfect integration of the Internet with their own for the Internet's financial circles, and BSPECT as the first foreign trade B2B platform bearing industry in vertical, bound for the tremendous business opportunities in the area of the bearing.

BSPECT foreign trade platform vertical by the Shanghai information technology co in 2015 to begin preparations for, designed for traditional bearing industry opens a new set of profitable exports. Shanghai to so information technology limited is located Yu Pudong Zhangjiang high section, has 15 years of bearing industry experience and professional of Internet talent, to let bearing foreign trade sold rate more high, company team based on rich of bearing foreign trade industry experience only founded has today of BSPECT vertical foreign trade B2B platform, hope can for traditional bearing production enterprise into to world markets open a fan door, eventually can and all China bearing people with in world industrial history Shang added Shang himself colours of a pen.