Bearing Selection And Application Method

Includes not only rolling-bearing arrangements, but bearing-related components, such as shafts and housings. Lubricant is a very important part of bearing arrangement because lubricants prevent wear and corrosion, so that the bearings can fully play its role. In addition, the seal is also a very important part, sealing performance of lubricant cleanliness is essential. Keep clean and has a far-reaching effect on bearing service life, which is why lubricants and seals have become the operational part of the NSK cause.

In order to design a bearing configuration, you need to

– Select the appropriate bearing type and

– To determine the appropriate bearing size

But it still wasn't enough. There are other aspects to consider:

– Such as the appropriate forms and other parts of the bearing arrangement design,

– The correct fit and bearing internal clearance or preload,

– Fixed installations,

– Appropriate seals,

– Types of lubricants and doses, as well as

– Installation and removal methods.

Each individual decisions will influence on bearing configuration for performance, reliability, and affordability.

Bearing matching of workload required depends on the availability of similar experiences. Case of lack of experience, with special requirements, or the need for bearing arrangement costs and any other subsequent appearance to give special consideration, more work needs to be done, such as more accurate calculation and/or testing.

Integrated technical introduction section bearing arrangement design staff will see the order in accordance with the General requirements and provide the necessary basic information. Obviously, impossible for every conceivable bearing application all the information you need is included. For this reason, we will in many references to NSK application of comprehensive engineering services, which include the right choice bearings as well as how to perform a full calculation of bearing arrangements and other technical support. Technical requirements for bearing arrangements the higher the bearings used in the application, in particular more limited experience, the more you should take advantage of this service.