694 695ZZ 699ZZ Ball Bearings

694  695ZZ  699ZZ Ball Bearings
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694bearing 695zzbearing and 699zzbearings DescriptionQQ??20170424112603.png

Seals TYPE: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number694 ZZ / 2RS and 695 ZZ/ 2RS and 699 ZZ/ 2RS

Row: Single Row

Vibration:Z2V2  Z3V3  Z4V4


694 bearing and 695zz bearing and 699ZZ bearing and other bearing 603ZZ bearing (3X8X4); 603ZZ bearing (3X8X4); 603ZZ bearing (3X8X4); 603ZZ bearing (3X8X4); 603ZZ bearing (5X14X5) 608zz bearing (8X22X7); 623zz bearing (3X10X4); 626zz bearing (6X16X4); 626zz bearing (6X16X6); 628zz bearing (6X15X7); 628zz bearing (4X13X5); 625ZZ bearing (5X16X5)

In the ultra-small diameter micro-bearings, miniature deep groove ball bearings are metric 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, etc., the British R series of 6 kinds, on this basis, can be divided into ZZ steel dust Cover bearing series, with RS rubber seals miniature bearing series, Teflon bearing ring series and with flange flange series.

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