693ZZ 696 698 ball Bearings

693ZZ  696  698 ball Bearings
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693zzbearing 696bearing and 698bearings Description


Seals TYPE: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number: 693 ZZ / 2RS and 696 ZZ/ 2RS and 698 ZZ/ 2RS

Row: Single Row

Vibration:Z2V2  Z3V3  Z4V4


693zz bearing and 696 bearing and 698 bearings are miniature ball bearing and small ball bearing.

Applications: Dental mobile phones, micro motors, brushless motors, electronic appliances, food machinery, medical accessories, beauty equipment, fitness equipment, power tools, printers, copiers, automation equipment, ATM, self-service equipment, card reader, 3d printers, Model aircraft motor, conductive ring, pneumatic tools, metal plastic accessories, mold development and other related industries.

Performance: low noise, high speed

693zzbearing 696bearing and 698bearings Showing


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