The historical development of geotextile

Foreign application of geotextile began as early as the 60 's, United States is the world's largest countries in the consumption of geotextiles, amount of it in the early 90 's the years at more than 300 million square meters, in recent years, the amount reached 700 million square meters. Europe and Japan of the geotextiles have been relatively fast, geotextile in Europe in recent years is about 400 million square meters, spunbonded non-woven cloth about 60% non-woven geotextiles; Japan in the 90 's after the middle of significant growth in the applications of geotextile. Japan spunbonded non-woven geotextile largest amount, accounting for 60% of the total non-woven geotextile and mainly PET spunbonded fabrics.

Geotextiles in China started in the early 80 's, but was used less, just a test application. Until 1998 's extreme flood attracted the attention of Governments, the construction sector include the application of geotextile on design specifications, and related standards, geotextile will really get attention and development. Of our geotextiles are used more than 300 million m2, total proportion of non-woven geotextile to around 40%. Civil engineering construction in China has a huge potential market, whose potential is never lower than the United States the amount of 7~8 million m2. Experts estimated that geotextile in China over the next 15 years, there will be growing in double digits, which is a faster growth in PET spunbonded filaments of geotextiles.

In the "XV" "Eleven-Five" project, our plan in water conservancy, electric power, transportation, environmental protection, water governance, such as the project on the huge investment, including water conservancy construction, the project, power, road and railway construction, and environmental engineering, as well as ports, airports, garbage treatment, river management, desertification control projects, amounting to hundreds of billions of Yuan of investment. China in the next 10 years or longer, there will be construction of more infrastructure projects, will also be more and more demand for geotextile, China will become the world's largest marketing of geo-synthetic material.