GeoNet is mainly used in soft Foundation embankment reinforcement, slope protection, bridge abutment reinforcement, as well as coastal slope protection, end of reservoir reinforcement projects. In road slope Shang laying geo network, can prevent rock block slipped, avoid on people or vehicles caused against; with geo network package live road slag, can prevent road slag loss and subgrade deformation, improve subgrade stability; laying geo network can reinforcement road, prevent reflection crack of development; geo network as block wall body fill soil in the of added reinforced material, can dispersed soil body stress, limit side to displacement, enhanced stability; with geo network made stone cage for dam, and rock surface of protection, can prevent erosion, and avoid collapse, and and soil erosion.

GeoNet is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) and anti-ultraviolet auxiliary agent and processed, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant characteristics. Highway and railway subgrade using an efficient allocation of load, improving the bearing capacity of Foundation stability, longer life. In road laying on the slopes to prevent landslides, protect water and soil, and beautify the environment. Reservoirs, river embankment protection laying (CSTF/W151 GeoNet) can effectively prevent the landslide; in coastal engineering with its good flexibility and permeability characteristics of impact energy come to buffer the waves break.