6414 Bearing and 6415 Bearing and 6416 Bearing and 6417 Bearing and 6418 Bearing

6414 Bearing and 6415 Bearing and 6416 Bearing and 6417 Bearing and 6418 Bearing
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6414/6415/ 6416/ 6417/6418 bearing Description                                2.png            QQ??20170424112603.png   

Seals TYPE: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

 Model Number:       6414 ZZ  and  64014RS and open 6414

                                 6415 ZZ  and  6415 2RS and open 6415

                                 6416 ZZ  and  6416 2RS and open 6416

                                 6417 ZZ  and  6417 2RS and open 6417

                                 6418 ZZ  and  6418 2RS and open 6418

Row: Single Row

Vibration:Z2V2  Z3V3  Z4V4

6414bearing Parameter: d: 70mm X D:180mm X b:42mm

6415 bearing Parameter: d: 75mm X D:190mm X b:45mm

6416 bearing Parameter: d: 80mm X D:200mm X b:48mm

6417 bearing Parameter: d: 85mm X D:210mm X b:52mm

6418 bearing Parameter: d: 90mm X D:225mm X b:54mm

6414 bearing Weight: 4.85kgs

6415bearing Weight: 6.80kgs

6416 bearing Weight: 8.00kgs

6417 bearing Weight: 9.50kgs

6418 bearing Weight: 11.50kgs

Material: Chrome steel and carbon steel


6414 bearing and 6415 bearings and 6416 bearings and 6417 bearing and 6418 bearing and other model bearings we can produce.

Our quality is very high, the quality can replace SKF bearings, NTN bearings, NSK bearings and other famous brands.

Extruder bearings, cutter bearings, beverage machine equipment, plastic wire drawing machine, soil tillage machine, Whole mechanical bearings, stainless steel reactor, forklift bearings, and these types bearings we can produce,and so on.    

6414/6415/ 6416/ 6417/6418 bearing Construction                                 2.png


6414/6415/6416/6417/6418 bearing

6414Length d :70mm                                            

6414Length D:180mm                                          

6414Length b: 42mm                                         

6415Length d :75mm                                            

6415Length D:190mm                                          

6415Length b: 45mm 


6416Length d :80mm    


6416Length D:200mm  


6416Length b: 48mm 

6417Length d :85mm  


6417Length D:210mm  


6417Length b: 52mm 

6418Length d :90mm            

6418Length D:220mm                                          

6418Length b: 54mm 

6414/6415/ 6416/ 6417/6418 bearing Showing                                   2.png

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