6313 Bearing and 6314 Bearing and 6315 Bearing and 6316

6313 Bearing and 6314 Bearing and 6315 Bearing and 6316
Product Details

6309 Bearing Description


Bearing TypeOPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Origin  place:Linqing Bearing In China

Model Number: 6313 ZZ  and  6313 2RS and open 6313

                              6314 ZZ  and  6314 2RS and open 6314

                              6315 ZZ  and  6315 2RS and open 6315

                              6316 ZZ  and  6316 2RS and open 6316

Bearing Row: Single  Row Bearing 

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2  and  Z3V3  and  Z4V4

Bearing Parameter:

6313 bearing Parameter: d: 45mm X D:100mm X b:25mm

6314 bearing Parameter: d: 50mm X D:110mm X b:27mm

6315 bearing Parameter: d: 55mm X D:120mm X b:29mm

6316 bearing Parameter: d: 60mm X D:130mm X b:31mm

Bearing Weight:

6313 bearing Weight: 0.83kgs

6314 bearing Weight: 1.08kgs

6315 bearing Weight: 1.37kgs

6316 bearing Weight: 1.71kgs

6313 bearing and 6314 bearing and 6315 bearing and 6316 bearing,we can produce according to orders for OEM brand bearings average year.

The bearings can be used for: chemical pipes and fittings, hot stoves, complex machines, oral liquid pharmaceutical equipment, nailing machines, machine tools, crushing equipment, automatic spray guns, split welding Taiwan, winding and twisting machinery, Scraper, single-stage reducer, ironing equipment washing equipment, blowing machine, dairy machinery, wall heat exchanger, crane, etc. 


6305 bearing Parameter:

d: 25mm X D:62mm X b:17mm6008 bearing construction

6306 bearing Parameter: 

d: 30mm X D:72mm X b:19mm

6307 bearing Parameter: 

d: 35mm X D:80mm X b:21mm

6308 bearing Parameter: 

d: 40mm X D:90mm X b:23mm

6305 6306 6307 6308 Bearing Detail


6008 bearing detail.png

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