6301 6302 6303 6304 Ball Bearings

6301 6302 6303 6304 Ball Bearings
Product Details

6301 bearing and 6302 bearing and 6303 bearing and 6304 bearing DESCRIPTION


Bearing Type: OPEN/ZZ/2RS

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6301 ZZ and 6301 2RS and open 6301

                         6302 ZZ and 6302 2RS and open 6302

                         6303 ZZ and 6303 2RS and open 6303

                         6304 ZZ and 6304 2RS and open 6304      

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 and Z3V3 and Z4V4

6301 Bearing Parameter: d:12mm X D:37mm X b:12mm

6302 Bearing Parameter: d:15mm X D:42mm X b:13mm

6303 Bearing Parameter: d:17mm X D:47mm X b:14mm

6304 Bearing Parameter: d:20mm X D:52mm X b:15mm

6301 Bearing Weight: 0.06kgs

6302 Bearing Weight: 0.08kgs

6303 Bearing Weight: 0.11kgs

6304 Bearing Weight: 0.14kgs


6301 bearings and 6302 bearing and 6303 bearing and 6304 bearing etc. ball bearings for parts that are processed in the following :

One: multi-step process: Usually bearing production process takes 20 to 40, more than 70 steps.

Two: Molding process: bearing parts of the working surface for the rotary molding surface, suitable for molding process

Three: Precision machining: The vast majority of bearing parts are subjected to surface grinding, grinding accuracy dimensions and geometric dimensions in µm

We produce the high precision bearings.

6301 bearing and 6302 bearing and 6303 bearing and 6304 bearing Construction


6301bearing 6302 bearing 6303 bearing 6404 bearing 


6301Length d :12mm                                    6302Length d :15mm

6301Length D:37mm                                     6302Length D :42mm

6301Length d:12mm                                     6302Length d :13mm


6303Length d :17mm                                     6304Length d :20mm   

6303Length D:47mm                                      6304Length d :52mm 

6303Length b:14mm                                      6304Length d :15mm   

6301 bearing and 6302 bearing and 6303 bearing and 6304 bearing Showing



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