6218 Bearing and 6219 Bearing and 6220 Bearing and 6221 Bearing

6218 Bearing and 6219 Bearing and 6220 Bearing and 6221 Bearing
Product Details

6218/6219/6220/6221 Bearings DESCRIPTION    2.png                              


Bearing Type: seal(ZZ/2RS) and open

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6218 ZZ and 6218 2RS and 6218 open

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 and Z3V3 and Z4V4

Bearing Parameter: d:90mm X D:160mm X b:30mm

Bearing Weight: 2.15kgs

6218 bearingand 6218N bearing is different, the 6218N bearing is with NR is a bearing outer ring with a radial positioning 

groove and a positioning ring, or a snap groove.

Bearing is a contemporary mechanical equipment, an important component. Its main function is to support the mechanical

rotating body, reducing its movement during the friction coefficient, and to ensure its accuracy of rotation.

6218/6219/6220/6221 Bearings Constrction                                       2.png

6218/6219/6220/6221 Bearings

Length d :90mm 

6218/6219/6220/6221 Bearing Construction

Length D:160mm

Length b: 30mm

6218/6219/6220/6221Bearings Technical Parameters               

1.png6218/6219/6220/6221Bearing Technical Parameters

6218/6219/6220/6221Bearings Showing                                                         

1.png         6218/6219/6220/6221Bearing Showing

CERTIFICATES                                                                            2.png

6218/6219/6220/6221 Bearing Certificate

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