6210 ZZ&2RS Ball Bearings

6210 ZZ&2RS Ball Bearings
Product Details

6210 bearing and 6210 2rs bearing and 6210 ZZ bearings

6210 Cart Bearing Description

6210 bearing,6210 2RS bearing,6210 ZZ bearing, 6210-2ZNR bearing

Deep groove ball bearings can be used for economic molds, precision reducer, linear drive equipment, physical instruments, mass spectrometry products, sheet metal industry, office equipment, equipment, needle valves, vulcanizing machines, machine components,  Hotline, ect.

Seals Type: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number:  6210ZZ / 62102RS

Row: Single Row

Vibration: Z2V2 Z3V3 Z4V4

Parameter: d: 50mm X D:90mm X b:20mm

Weight: 0.46kgs

6210 2RS ZZ Bearing Construction                                

  d: 50mm  

  D: 90mm

  b: 20mm     

6210 Cart Bearing Technical Parameters


6210 Bearing Product showing


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