6209 ZZ&2rs deep groove ball Bearings

6209 ZZ&2rs deep groove ball Bearings
Product Details

6209 bearing and 6209 2rs bearing and 6209 ZZ bearings

6209 Cart Bearing Description

Ball bearings and 6209 bearing can be used for: building materials, last machine, molding machine, meat processing equipment, machine slot board, winch, fire arrester, scraper, disperser, lithographic press, and so on.

For 6209 ZZ bearing and 6209 2RS bearing,the 2RS type is better than ZZ type about the sealing degree, but also depends on the specific working environment and using conditions.

Seals Type: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number:  6209ZZ / 62092RS

Row: Single Row

Vibration: Z2V2 Z3V3 Z4V4

Parameter: d: 45mm X D:85mm X b:19mm

Weight: 0.41kgs

6209 2RS ZZ Bearing Construction                               

  d: 45mm  

  D: 85mm

  b: 19mm     

6209 Cart Bearing Technical Parameters


6209 Bearing Product showing


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