6208 ZZ 2RS Series Ball Bearing

6208 ZZ 2RS Series Ball Bearing
Product Details

6208 bearing and 6208 ZZ bearing and 6208 2RS bearings

6208 Bearing Description

      6208 bearings are deep groove ball bearings,and mainly used for microwave drying equipment, granulation drying equipment, hollow paddle dryer, reaction equipment, reactor, tubular reactor, tower reactor, closed reactor, high pressure reactor , Fermentation extraction equipment, and other equipment.

Bearing Type:  OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number: 6208 ZZ bearing and 6208 2RS bearing

6208 Bearing Row: Single Row

6208 Bearing Vibration:Z2V2 Z3V3 Z4V4

6208 Bearing Parameter: d: 40mm X D:80mm X b:18mm

6208  Bearing  Weight: 0.37kgs

6208 Bearing Construction                                

d: 40mm  

D: 80mm

b: 18mm     

6208 Bearing Technical Parameters

6208 Bearing Product showing

6007 bearing product.png

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