6207 ZZ 2RS Deep Groove Bearings

6207 ZZ 2RS Deep Groove Bearings
Product Details

6207 bearing and 6207 ZZ bearing and 6207 2RS bearing deep groove bearings

6207 Bearing Description

Bearing Type:seal ( ZZ / 2RS)  and  open

Model Number: 6207 ZZ Bearing and 6207 2RS Bearing

6207 Bearing Row: Single Row

6207 Bearing Vibration:Z2V2 Z3V3 Z4V4

6207 Bearing Parameter: d: 35mm X D:72mm X b:17mm

6207  Bearing  Weight: 0.29kgs

      6207 bearing and other type ball bearings ,we use the automatic installation equipment to produce the bearing. Greatly improving our production and we have automatic detection equipment and ensure quality.

      Tolerance standard deep groove ball bearings with a high level, all consistent with GB307.1

6207 Bearing Construction                                

d: 35mm  

D: 72mm

b: 17mm     

6207 Bearing Technical Parameters

6207 Bearing Product showing

6005 bearing detail.png

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