6205 ZZ 2RS High Speed Ball Bearings

6205 ZZ 2RS High Speed Ball Bearings
Product Details

6205 bearing and 6205 ZZ bearing and 6205 2RS bearing high speed ball bearings

6205 Cart Bearing Description

6205ZZ bearing and 6205 2RS bearing that is high speed ball bearings.

Ball bearing installation is very simple that installation method: press-fit: the bearing inner ring and the shaft so that a tight fit, the outer ring and the bearing hole is relatively loose fit, can be pressed presses the bearing on the shaft and the shaft together with the bearing that charged together bearing hole.

Bearing Type: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number:  6205ZZ / 2RS

6205 Bearing Row: Single Row

6205 Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 Z3V3 Z4V4

6205 Bearing Parameter: d: 25mm X D:52mm X b:15mm

6205  Bearing  Weight: 0.12kgs

6205 2RS ZZ Bearing Construction                             

  d:  25mm  

  D: 52mm

  b: 15mm     

6205 Cart Bearing Technical Parameters


6205 Bearing Product showing


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