6200 ZZ & 2RS Big Ball Bearings for Machine

6200 ZZ & 2RS Big Ball Bearings for Machine
Product Details

6200 bearing and 6200ZZ & 6200 2rs bearing high Precision bearing  

6200 Bearing Description

Bearing Type:seal ( ZZ / 2RS)  and  open

Model Number: 6200 ZZ and 6200 2RS and 6200 open

6200 Bearing Row: Single Row

6200 Bearing Vibration:Z2V2 Z3V3 Z4V4

6200 Bearing Parameter: d: 10mm X D:30mm X b:9mm

6200  Bearing  Weight: 0.032kgs

        6200 bearing and 6200ZZ bearing and 6200 2RS bearing that we produce the high Precision bearing and they are  the ball bearing and deep groove ball bearings, They are the most common type of bearing. Deep groove ball bearing outer ring, inner ring, steel ball and a group of cage assembled into a set of bearing. Deep groove ball bearing type has two kinds of single and double row deep groove ball structure,and they have also the split seal and open two type, it means open bearings without sealing rubber and iron covering  ,shielded bearing that sealing deep groove ball into dust seal and oil seal. Dust Gland Material steel stamping, it can only  simple prevent dust to enter the bearing raceways. Oil-proof seal,which can effectively prevent the bearing grease to spill from the bearing raceway.

          Deep groove ball bearings installed with the heating: by heating bearings or bearing, the use of thermal expansion of the tight fit into a loose fit is a commonly used method of installation and labor-saving mounting method is suitable for this method had a greater amount of interference. bearing installation, before the heat mounted bearings or separable bearing rings into the tank uniform heating 80-100 ?, then remove from the oil on the shaft as soon as possible in order to prevent the cooling inner face and shoulder fit is not tight, you can then tighten the rear bearing axial cooling. when the bearing outer ring and light metal bearing tight fit, the use of heating bearing thermal loading method, can be avoided with the surface by abrasion. When the tank is heated by the bearing, a certain distance away from the bottom of the gate should network, or with a hook hanging bearings, can not be put on the bottom to prevent impurities entering the bearing Shen or uneven heating, the tank must have a thermometer, strictly control the oil temperature must not exceed 100 ?, in order to prevent tempering effect, reduce the hardness of the rings.

6200 Bearing Construction                                

d: 10mm  

D: 30mm

b:  9mm     

6200 Bearing Technical Parameters

bearing 6002

6200 Bearing Product showing

bearing 6200 show

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