6032 6034 6038 Inspection Equipment Bearing

6032 6034 6038 Inspection Equipment Bearing
Product Details

6032/6034/6038 bearing inspection equipment bearing DESCRIPTION


Bearing Type: OPEN/ZZ/2RS

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6032 ZZ and 6032 2RS and open 6032

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 and Z3V3 and Z4V4

Bearing Parameter: d:160mm X D:240mm X b:38mm

Bearing Weight: 4.83kgs


6032 bearings in the deep groove bearings are relatively large bearings, and generally used in heavy machinery.

Larger bearings require not only the bearing accuracy to be prepared, but also the raw material steel requirements are also high.

Our production technology is very high, and can be to meet the requirements of different environments

Our products can replace SKF, NTN, NSK, Koyo and other bearing brands.

6032/6034/6038 bearing inspection equipment bearing Construction


6026/6028/6030 bearing inspection equipment bearing72753b2d-2d8b-43a2-a1b3-92bf2eacf413.png

Length d :160mm 

Length D:240mm

Length b: 38mm

6032/6034/6038 bearing inspection equipment bearing Showing



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