6013ZZ & 2RS 6013N Ball Bearing

6013ZZ & 2RS 6013N Ball Bearing
Product Details

6004 Bearing DescriptionQQ??20170225105503.png

Seal Type: seal ( ZZ / 2RS)  and  open

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6013 ZZ and 6013 2RS and 6013 open and 6013N

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2/Z3V3/Z4V4

6013 Bearing Parameter: d:65mm X D:100mm X b:18mm

6013 Bearing Weight: 0.42kgs


          6013N bearing and 6013 2RS and 6013 ZZ bearing, and some cooling tower bearings.

           6013 bearing is open type,6013 ZZ bearing is shielded type,6013W bearing is sealed type,and 

6013DDU bearing is same as the type 6013W bearing.6013N bearing is snap ring groove type,and

6013NR bearing is snap ring type.

           The snap ring groove dinensions is (a:2.87 / b:2.70 / D1:96.80 / r0 :0.60 / rN:0.5 ).and the snap

 ring dinensions is D2:106.50  We also produce other type bearings.

6013 Bearing Construction QQ??20170225105503.png

bearing 6004 construction

ball bearing Parameter

 d  Length: 65mm 

 Length: 100mm 

 b Length:  18mm

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