6009ZZ &2RS Precision Ball Bearings

6009ZZ &2RS Precision Ball Bearings
Product Details

6009 Bearing DescriptionQQ??20170225105503.png

Sealed Type :seal ( ZZ / 2RS)  and  open

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6009 ZZ and 6009 2RS and 6009 open

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2/Z3V3/Z4V4

6009 Bearing Parameter: d:45mm X D:75mm X b:16mm

6009 Bearing Weight: 0.23kgs


 6009 bearing and 6009 2RS precision ball bearings.

    Precisio d:45mm X D:75mm X b:16mm n and ordinary bearings should be dif. as below points:

1>. the measurement of the required value is not the same, high-precision grade of the product measurement  that the deviation is lower than the ordinary goods’accuracy as requirements (diameter, diameter, oval, etc.)

2>. The accuracy of rotation is not the same as the value of the product, the accuracy of the product is higher than that of the low grade products (internal diameter to beat, the outer diameter to the beat, the end of the face of the raceway beat, etc.)

6009 Bearing Construction


bearing 6004 construction

ball bearing Parameter

 d  Length:  45mm 

 Length:  75mm 

 b  Length:  16mm

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