6008 Bearing and 6008ZZ & 2RS Bearing Engine Main Bearings

6008 Bearing and 6008ZZ & 2RS Bearing Engine Main Bearings
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6008 Bearing Description


Bearing Type: 6008 Seal ( ZZ / 2RS) and Open Bearing

Origin  place:Linqing Bearing In China

Model Number: 6008 ZZ and 6008 2RS and 6008 Open Bearing

Bearing Row: Single  Row Bearing 

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2  and  Z3V3  and  Z4V4

Bearing Parameter: d:40mm X D:68mm X b:15mm

Bearing Weight: 0.185kgs

Bearing 6008Z and 6008RZ difference as below:

Usually,  6008ZZ bearing and 6008 2RS bearing has been used as engine main bearing and 

crane bearing and derrick bearing.

1> The basic models are 6008 measurements are the same.

2> The difference is:  Z: iron dust cover

                                  RZ: non-contact  rubber seal

Z and RZ compared to Z's tightness slightly worse,For the dust RZ seal is better for waterproof and dustproof

6008 Bearing ConstructionQQ??20170225105503.png

6008 Bearing 

6008 bearing constructiond Length: 40mm

D Length: 68mm 

b Length: 15mm

6008 Bearing Detail


6008 bearing detail.png

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