6007ZZ & 2RS Chrome Steel Ball Bearings

6007ZZ & 2RS Chrome Steel Ball Bearings
Product Details

6007 Bearing DescriptionQQ??20170225105542.gif

Sealed Type:  seal ( ZZ / 2RS)  and  open Bearing

Origin place:Linqing China

Model Number: 6007 ZZ and 6007 2RS and 6007 open bearing

Bearing Row: Single   Row

6007 Bearing Vibration: Z2V2  and  Z3V3  and  Z4V4

6007 Bearing Parameter: d:35mm X D:62mm X b:14mm

6007 Bearing Weight: 0.156kgs

6007 bearing ,6007 ZZ bearing and 6007 2RS bearing’s ref.as below:

Rated dynamic load: 10300N

Rated static load: 17000N

Extreme speed: 16100 r / min

Reference speed: 11600 r / min

     Chrome steel is chromium alloy steel,and Chromium steel which has the advantages of anti-oxidation, hard texture      no rust.The most common are GCr15 and GCr15SiM .

Usually we called chrome ball bearings and Chrome steel ball bearing for high quality.

6007 Bearing Construction(6007 zz and 6007 2rs )QQ??20170225105542.gif

d Length :35mm 6007 bearing construction

D Length :62mm 

b Length :14mm

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bearing 6007

6007 Bearing Technical Parameters


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