6006 and 6006ZZ&2RS Electric Motors Bearings

6006 and 6006ZZ&2RS Electric Motors Bearings
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6006 Bearings Descriptions


Origin Place:Linqing Bearing

Seal Type:  Seal ( ZZ / 2RS)  and  Open 

Model Number: 6006 ZZ ?6006 2RS?6006 open Bearing

6006 Bearing Row: Single   Row

6006 Bearing Vibration: Z2V2  and  Z3V3  and  Z4V4

6006 Bearing Parameter: d:30mm X D:55mm X b:13mm

6006 Bearing Weight: 0.117kgs

           Our factory that produces ball bearing and automotive engine bearing for large diesel engines, and production processes are aligned to using requirements.

        6006 bearing ,6006ZZ bearing and 6006 2RS bearing for our production and quality ,we draw other know-how and expertise from years of experience in the field of plain bearing technology for combustion engines and general industrial engineering. Car engine bearings and auto bearing we also can produce.

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