6003bearing &6003ZZ &2RS Fan Ball Bearing

6003bearing &6003ZZ &2RS Fan Ball Bearing
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6003 bearing &6003ZZ &2RS bearing and fan ball bearing    

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Bearing Type: 6003 OPEN / ZZ / 2R bearing

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6003,6003ZZ,6003-2RS

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2/Z3V3/Z4V4

6003 Bearing Parameter: d:17mm X D:35mm X b:10mm

6003 Bearing Weight: 0.040kgs


   6003 bearing,6003RS bearing and 6003ZZ bearing that the old model number is 180103.

       The ball bearing motor and fan ball bearing is usually used 6003 bearing.

       6003 bearing is open type and without sealing structure.

       6003ZZ & 6003 RS bearing is sealing type. It is effective to sealing deep groove ball into bearing body 

       and dust seal and oil seal.

      Transmission case bearing ,instruments and apparatuses bearings.

6003 Bearing ConstructionQQ??20170225105503.png

bearing 6004 construction

ball bearing Parameter

 d  Length: 17mm 

 D Length:  35mm 

 b  Length:  10mm

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