6002-2RS/ZZ Motor Ball Bearing

6002-2RS/ZZ Motor Ball Bearing
Product Details

6002 bearing &6002 2RS/ZZ ball bearing and Motor bearing

6002 Bearing Description

Origin Place: Linqing China

Seals Type: OPEN / ZZ / 2RS

Model Number:6002,6002ZZ,6002-2RS

Bearing Row: Single Row Bearing

6002 Bearing Vibration:Z2V2 Z3V3   Z4V4

6002 Bearing Parameter:d:15mm X D:32mm X b:8mm

6002 Bearing Weight: 0.025kgs

6002ZZ & 2RS bearing ,6002 bearing and the old name is 180102 bearing .

Ball bearing is good hardness and very durable, low noise and versatile , and can be run at high speed state and         very easy to install on engineering machinery and motor ETC.

Ball bearings 6002 is basic type for Electirc motor bearings and Motor bearings,and our bearings can achieve             the high requirements.

In addition, we also have many other bearing models, please send inquiry to us.

6002 Bearing Construction


     d Length:15mm

     D Length :32mm


     b Length :8mm

6002 Bearing Technical Parameters

6002 Bearing Product showing

bearing 6002

6002 Bearing Certificate

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